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Bathroom Remodeling - Installing A Shower Stall For Additional Worth And Comfort
By: manolok

Are you bent on home remodeling? Installing a shower stall in your bathroom can add worth and comfort to your home.

Why Shower Stalls?

No intricate engineering skill is needed to find out the technical aspects of setting up a shower.

Contemporary shower stalls are usually multi-sided, large sized enclosures. Various geometric shapes are imitated in their structures. Other than the standard square and rectangular models, you will have the option of choosing between a variety of shapes like triangular, pentagonal and hexagonal or any other shape. In fact, you can get them custom made to your specification to add a dash of style to your bathroom interior.

With space swelling in shower stalls, the scopes of addition of more and more accessories are also increasing. Today in your bathroom you can enjoy both leisurely bath in bathtub and thrilling shower bath by installing a shower stall integrated with a bathtub in your bathroom. There are also scopes for an array of additions.

You can install a spa like shower or a theme-based shower with special kits for a lavish bath. For a lush Jacuzzi bath install Jacuzzi kits by the bathtub wall. You can even have a warm steam shower by introducing a steam source along the ordinary showerhead. But you must be watchful because a steam shower should for all intents and purposes be watertight and enclosed.

You can also experiment with the showerheads. They come in multiple designs. In addition to standard 'out of the wall' showerhead, you have overhead showerheads, sidebar showerheads and even sliding showerheads. Overhead showers (affixed in the ceiling) allow you to stand directly below the down pouring water jet. Sidebar showerheads are slender rods running down the sides of the shower stalls. Together with an overhead showerhead, it makes for a 'total body' shower. Sliding showerheads that allow you to change the position of the showerhead vertically is ideal for families where heights vary.

Today's beautiful shower stalls geared with colored or etched glass finishes are sure to change the haggard look of your bathroom. But while remodeling or installing a new shower stall you must remember the following points.

If you are installing a new shower stall, you have to arrange all the water supply piping and drainage of both hot and cold water.

If it is remodeling a shower stall, check whether the water supply lines, drainage lines or the floor area needs any repair work and arrange for the required additions.

Be careful about proper ventilation while installing a steam shower stall

Fasten the tub to the enclosure

If you want a door for your shower stall make it at least 5 feet by 8 feet to aid the passage of water through the drain. A shower stall with a door need additional heating arrangements

Today shower stalls have crossed the threshold of bare necessities and has become a style and comfort factor of a bathroom. With so many pros installation of a shower stall is vital for a nice bathroom.

More and more people today prefer shower stalls in their bathroom to bathtubs. There are several reasons behind this preference

Firstly, shower stalls take up less space in your bathroom than a bathtub and so are good for small bathrooms as well.

Nowadays everyone is in hurry and taking a quick shower is more convenient than a long wait for bathing in the tub.
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