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Choosing A Vintage Vanity
By Illa Maden

The bathroom vanity is the most compelling piece of furniture in a bath, and sometimes the only piece of furniture. Since this is true, the vanity will probably be the most eye-catching item in your bathroom.

Selecting the right vanity for your needs and wants needs a little thought. First of all, if you are doing a complete remodel of your bathroom, then you can set the style by choosing the vanity.

A beautiful vintage look can be achieved by selecting either an actual piece of vintage furniture and have it converted to serve as a vanity, or you can purchase any number of replica pieces that are produced for this very purpose. The addition of faucets, hardware and any other cabinetry that will be part of your newly revived bathroom in keeping with this style will help to complete the look.

Of course, it goes without saying, that this style of bathroom should also feature a vintage claw foot bathtub to carry the look to it's completion.

Consider your needs for surface space and storage while developing your remodeling plan. Think how you currently use your bathroom. How much surface space do you need for your grooming routine? Shorting yourself on surface space might be a decision you regret.

And what about storage? Consider what needs your current vanity meets, and what it's shortcomings are, and choose a vanity that will fulfill all your needs for both surface space and storage.

What material will you select for the vanity top? A vintage style begs a natural stone look. This can be accomplished with either the real thing, or a man made material that mimics the look of stone. Consider care requirements when selecting the material for your vanity top. It should be easy to keep clean and maintain, and be a material that will be durable and keep it's good look for a long time.

Whatever material you select for your new bathroom vanity, get cleaning and maintenance information straight from the manufacturer. They are the best source of accurate information.

More information on vanities and sinks and advice on bathroom faucets is available at

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   If you are a person who favors a traditional or vintage look, then you may want to select a furniture piece to set the tone. If this is your plan, you need also to consider the cabinetry that will go into your bathroom and choose it in keeping with the style of your vanity.
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