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Small Rooms - 6 Tips On How To Make Them Appear Bigger
by sacha tarkovsky

If you are pushed for space need to make the most of the space you have and avoid it looking cluttered and messy.
Here are some simple tips to make any small room appear bigger intimate and more comfortable.

1. Light

There is nothing worse than a dark room so make it as light as possible. Go for Roman blinds that can rolled up all the way up, to let the maximum amount of light in..

Curtains should be sheer light colours and avoid heavy drapes.

2. Less Is More

Go for large scale furniture, pictures paintings etc. Just go for less of it. A small jam packed room will look even smaller so less is definitely more in this instance.

3. One Item Only

Avoid multiples of anything. For example a pair of paintings or wall or standing lamps.

These will give the appearance of breaking space down.

Use all available space

Don’t put things in the middle of walls if they can fit in the corner and still look good i.e items like lamps and bookcases.

5. Mirror Mirror

Can make a room significantly bigger and the more mirrors you can use without ruining the décor the better. You could for example use mirror tiles all along one wall or one big mirror as a centre piece

6. Use Colour

If you want to make a room bright and airy and don’t be afraid to use white. You can also use cool colours such as Blues greens and violets.

If you have compact space don’t worry there is no reason why you cant make it look bigger and intimate and reflect your personal sense of style and the above 6 tips will help you get started.
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